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Stolen photos, copyright and how to protect the rights to your photos for free

dont steal pictures

Being the creator of product photos and protecting yourself from stolen photos online

How can I protect myself from copyright infringement?

Sadly, it's not possible to protect yourself completely. Even watermarks can be removed easily by using photoshops, and heavily watermarked photos are not attractive and wouldn't be approved by Amazon or eBay. This is why many photographers use meta information on photos to add info about copyright to their images. This isn't secure either though, because the meta data can be deleted or rewritten. 

Find out if your ckopyright is being infringed upon

Most photographers and online merchants know what it's like to have their photos stolen. Diligent online merchants spend a lot of time and money on high quality product photos, only to later find that other online shops are using the same photos. That's not a trivial offence but a criminal act. Let's take a look at what copyright holders can do to find out if anyone is using their photos illegally without spending any additional money.

Google Images and finding photos

TinEye is a reverse image search engine that makes it possible to find images online. Google Images offers the service and allows you to search for your photos online. Images are analysed according to the object depicted and are then compared to the images indexed in Google. That even makes it possible to find images that use a different product detail or an edited version pf the photo.

create your own productpictures with pimpyou

You don't need to install a software. Just open up Google Images and search for your photo! Either tell Google to search for an indexed photo or drop your file onto the search screen. You'll have your results in no time! Results are displayed as thumbnails next to the website they're being used on.

productpictures for google

Good luck with your search!

Clipping photos: Sounds cool, but what does it actually mean?

What does it mean to clip a photo?

Before the internet came along, most of us knew product pictures from the pages of mail-order catalogues and magazines. These photos were taken by professional photographers using photo studios, and they took a lot of time and effort to produce. Professional photographers work very differently now; because of the advent of digital photography and the possibility of editing photos digitally a lot has changed. Taking product photos has become a lot less complicated, not just when it comes to taking the pictures but also concerning post production and editing.

photo clipping service

30 years ago, one mail-order catalogue that was sent out yearly was filled with pictures of about 20,000 products, but today in the age of e-commerce the same number of products has to be updated weekly in a feed. All of this has become possible thanks to digital workflows.

Product photos in a well tended product feed usually have a neutral background. For online merchants it isn't really financially feasible to have all of these pictures taken by a professional photographers.

"Just do it yourself and have your photos clipped!"

It follows that a lot of online merchants take their product photos themselves and snap a photo in storage. After taking the photo, the image can be clipped.

best price clipping service in europe

Clipping photos by means such as clipping paths means that the background is removed from the photo, so that the product stands alone. Clipping paths are but one way of achieving this. After clipping the photo, another background can be added. For a lot of online merchants, clipping photos is the best and cheapest method of producing high quality photos for their shop.

Clipping product photos of cars for online used car marts

Here are some important online used car marts:

AutoScout24 - clip product photos

Almost 1,700,000 cars are waiting to be sold on AutoScout24. Having your product images edited will definitely up your chances! Differentiate yourself from the competition and the mass of offers and you have a better chance of selling your cars. We recommend having your product photos clipped to add a neutral background to give the images a studio quality appearance. Many photos on online used car marts aren't taken in front of a neutral background. PimpYou can help you turn your pictures into so much more. -  professional photo editors edit your images

In Germany, the online car mart currently has more than 1,000,000 offers online. Once again, it's worth looking into employing professional photo editors to make the best of your product photos and present your cars in the best light. You can check your online car mart's website to see if they have some tips on how to take product photos. We offer a professional clipping service, including the addition of a new background and slight retouches. Message us if you need a lot of clipped photos every week - we can offer you a special price for great quantities!

Some examples for online used car marts in Germany:

  • ebayMotors

Most online car dealers and used car marts are looking for the same things in product photos. Check out this shortlist of the most important criteria for product photos of cars:

  1. Photograph the car when the sky is cloudy to avoid teflections
  2. Choose a background that's not too busy
  3. Park the car on a consistent surface (no road markings if possible)
  4. Try to avoid shadows
  5. Use PimpYou's photo clipping service

Pixelating licence tags starting at 0.29 € per photo

Many car dealers trying to sell cars online forget to pixelate the licence tags on the car. We offer this service in addition to our photo clipping service. Send us a message to ask us about our prices! 

PimpYou: professional photo editors working all around the world

PimpYou has been offering professional image editing since 2008

People often ask us: where's your head office?

PimpYou was founded in Berlin in 2008. Back then we were one of the first companies to provide professional photo editing services. Our concept was unique, and ever since then demand has never stopped growing.

buero bilder bearbeiten

In the past few years PimpYou has continued to grow its markt share. We now offer a 24/7 service and work with as many as 120 professional photo editors on 3 different continents to offer you the best possible service. Our head offices are still in France, split between Paris and Bordeaux. 

Our photo editors work while you're asleep

In the past few years PimpYou has been looking for solutions to make our services even more effective. That's why we have offices in Paris/Bordeaux, Buenos Aires, L. A. and Bangladesh, which makes it possible for us to offer your a 24/7 service. Benefit from our flexible services: depending on when you need your photos to be edited, we'll send them to our different teams working all around the world. Especially when it comes to clipping photos we're able to guarantee service within 24 hours without any additional costs because we've perfected our workflow. 


Invoices and quotes for professional photo editing

New tendering system for our photo editing service 

Our team in Paris has been working hard on the redesign of We're proud to present you with a completely overhauled tendering system that will simplify the way we issue invoices and quotes. You'll be able to see all your paid and unpaid invoices at one glance as well as your personalized quotes. This also makes it easier for corporate clients to keep track of their invoices because they stay in the system indefinitely.


Managing your qoutes at a glance 

Usually we create individualized offers for our corporate clients. On work days, our team can respond within three hours. Your individual quote will be saved in your account, where you can result present and past quotes and offers. 

quote picture editing

Our offers are usually valid for 6 months; take a look at your individual quote to make sure.

How does our new tendering system work? 

With each incoming order, our team invoices the corresponding account. By logging in, you can download your invoice in the following formats: PDF, HTML or TXT. The term of payment usually is 10 days.


The due date and the date by which the invoice was paid can be found on the invoice and in the tendering system. We accept payment via PayPal (credit and debit card) and per bank transfer. Our bank details are also marked on the invoice.

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