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Clipping different kinds of images, from basic to complex outlines

Clipping product images with different kinds of contours

Out team edits product images with all kinds of contours. The time they need to clip a photo depends on the complexity of the contours; for online retailers, it's often impossible to sort their products by contours because it demands a lot of time and effort.

photoclipping different complex conturs

We'll sort your pictures for you, no matter how many images you need clipped. We usually put product images in one of three categories.

Products with basic contours:
basic contours photoclipping
Products with average contours:
average contours photo clipping service

Products with complex contours:
complex contours photoclipping service

Mixed selections and flat rates for our photo clipping services

If it's not possible to assign all product images to one of these categories, we're also open to calculate a flat rate for our photo clipping service. You might be interested in this option if you have a lot of product images that need to be clipped, because it might just be way too much effort to sort 10.000 product images by category. 

Can you give more examples for basic, average and complex contours?

Clipping basic contours:
photoclipping basic outline
Basic contours
 can be clipped with one simple path. There are no fibres, textiles or hair, and smooth surfaces are especially simple to clip.

Clipping average contours:
average outline photoclipping
Average contours
 can be clipped using multiple clipping paths. Sometimes the surface is not smooth; it can consist of wood, fibres or other natural materials.

Clipping complex contours:
really complex outline for photo clipping
Complex contours
 such as hair and transparent areas can't be clipped with simple paths or masks. Hair is a good example for complex contours that are difficult to clip.

Photo clipping Service flat rate prices, same price for all photos

Time and time again our customers ask us wether we can offer a flat rate on our photo clipping service. Yes, we can!

Our photo clipping flat rate

Our price depends on the number of images as well as the complexity of the contours that need to be clipped. Our photo clipping service is incredibly cheap: depending on what you need to be clipped, our service is between 0.39 and 1.49 €. IF you want to get our cheapest price, you should send us a bunch of pictures instead of just one single photo. There's no minimum order value, we'll do the job even if you want us to clip one single picture, but if you want the best price you should send us all of your images at once.

flatprice clipping photos

Clipping photos without pre-selecting images

That means less work for us and a cheaper price for you. If we don't have to pre-select images, we can get started clipping your images right away. Message us to get an individual offer for your photos now!


Professional photo editing: wedding season's just around the corner!

Even if it doesn't feel like it, summer is approaching and a lot of couples decide to get married when the days get longer. PimpYou also edits lots of wedding pictures, which means that when wedding season is upon us we start editing lots of wedding photos!

With our service, photographers don't need to spend as much time editing wedding photos

Professional photographers have started using photo editing services to get their wedding photos back to their clients much faster. That's especially important during wedding season; many photographers take more than 1000 photos during a wedding, and end up with more than 400 images that need to be edited. If a photographers works at two weddings each weekend that means a lot of work that needs to be done as quickly as possible.

editor wedding photos

We work with more than 120 professional image editors

One single wedding photographer just won't be able to edit all of these pictures with as much detail as they would like to. That's why Pimpyou offers a professional photo editing service for wedding photos! Let us take some weight off of your shoulders during wedding season and concentrate on what you do best: capturing all of the amazing moments that happen on the most beautiful day in a couple's life.

wedding photo editing

How do we edit wedding photos?

PimpYou offers three different kinds of photo editing. We can edit wedding photos in regards to colour correction, contrast and lighting. Correcting contrast and colour will only cost you a couple of pounds per photo! It's also possible to order a more high end edit, which includes beauty retouching. Depending on the number of images that need to be edited, we can make you an individual offer for your order. Looking for something a little more special? We also offer photomontages! We have experts on our team who will work out your special project with you in no time. 

Wedding photos from an amateur photographer?

Not everybody can afford to hire a professional wedding photographer, which is why some people prefer to ask an amateur photographer to take their wedding photos. That's quite alright, but you can't really compare them to professional wedding photos. Our team can transform your amateur photographs into professional wedding pictures! Some amateur photographers don't really have an eye for the right background yet, and you don't really want to deal with than rubbish bin or a lamp post in the background, right? You want the newly wedded couple to shine! PimpYou can remove unwanted objects from your wedding photos, correct the shadows falling on the bride's face and adjust colours and contrast.



Glasses: Clipping photos with transparent areas

Is it even possible to clip transparent areas?

It sure is! Pimpyou offers high end image editing as well as a professional photo clipping service. Some images need more attention to details than others, and photos with transparent areas are one such case. Glasses are a good example for this: similar to traditional product images, the contours have to be clipped, but the glasses also need to be clipped. It would look odd for them to just disappear though (especially when clipping images of sunglasses that's just not an option).

glasses clipping service

Professional photo clipping service for your glasses

Glasses, windows and other transparent areas need to be edited to make them appear see-through. Different kinds of glasses will need different kinds of editing to make them look natural. Just shoot us a message to tell us what you're looking for!

We're working with more than 100 photo editors to help you make the most of your product images. If you're looking for a professional photo clipping service, just message us for an individual offer!

Pimping product photos for startups with a small budget

You're a startup in dire need of good product images? We know what it feels like to be struggling. PimpYou started out as a tiny startup in 2007, so we get it; it's not easy to grow a business on a limited budget, so we want to support startups in getting off the ground by offering low-priced photo edits.

High quality product photos are indispensable!

Each click counts, and when your images aren't up to the task you probably won't be successful because people won't be buying your products.
Before/After - hover your cursor over the imageproductphoto editing service

That's why it's important to have an aesthetically pleasing product portfolio with high quality images. PimpYou is a photo editing service that can help you turn good images into amazing pictures. PimpYou specializes in clipping product images and photo editing and retouching.

Meyou Paris - a startup on its way to conquer the market thanks to our image edits

Once you've tried PimpYou you'll never go back to another photo editing service. Right now we'Re working with a new French startup that we might as well call cat IKEA (except they're not Swedish) - MeYou Paris

Their product portfolio means can profit from our work because their prospective clients are stylish, design-oriented people who like clean, beautiful product images.

Before/After - hover your cursor over the imageproductphoto retouching service

Product images need to be perfect. A lot of times there are lots of tiny aspects that need changing; we clean up product photos and turn them into an invitation to buy the product that's being advertised. It's not just aout the product, but also about the environment it's presented in; would you want to buy something that's being photographed in a cluttered, messy room? People want to be able to imagine the product in their own homes, and especially when they're shopping for designer products the product image needs to reflect that. Don't make them think twice about buying your product.

Before/After - hover your cursor over the image
productretouching perfect service

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