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Is e-commerce declining?

What's happening to e-commerce?

For a long while, online shops sprang up like mushrooms, but a study of the German Händlerbund found e-commerce to be stagnating.

ecommerce 2017 trends

It's only possible to grow e-commerce by being innovative

If you want to hike up your sales online, you need to be innovative. That means innovations in logistics as well as using e-commerce solutions that span all platforms. E-commerce will become more and more dynamic in the next few years: customers want to shop anytime and anywhere using their mobile devices. More than that, they want to be entertained while they're doing it. Purchasing products online has to become an experience with a maximum of service for the customer.

Online shops without photos?

Speaking about innovations, it's important to set a certain standard for online shops. Functionality and design should not be foreign concepts. You shouldn't try and sell products without product images online, and yet there are a lot of online shops who try to stand their ground without using product photos. Nowadays it's really simple to take product photos with your smartphone and give them a professional look using a photo clipping service.

clipping pictures service 2017

Product photos are clipped and out on a white or transparent background. It's less work and cheaper than traditional product photography, so online retailers can easily use such services to make their online shops more successful. Product photos are not the only way to help online shops become more visible; the design of the shop is important too, and it should be easy to navigate.

Changing the design does not equal innovation

To keep up with the newest trends in e-commerce and stay successful, it's important to be innovative and look to the future. Try to recognize emerging trends before they become reality! You and your muse are spending some time apart? You can buy tomorrow's ideas today - while the French aren't really known for being trendsetters on a global market, the French brand Soon Soon Soon is starting to look like a French Silicon Valley. PimpYou are not the only ones to have them look into their crystal ball to take a look at what the future might hold ... Creativity abound!

Clipping product photos for car dealer en masse

Clipping images of cars for car dealers and used car marts

PimpYou now offers an exlusive photo clipping service to car dealers, second hand car dealers and everyone selling on used car marts online!

Product photo - clipped with added logo

car picture clipping service

A lot of times people the pictures people use to sell their used cars don't look professional. Just take one look at used car marts online: while the car might look amazing, other cars, trees and houses are in the background. That looks pretty unprofessional, and it might even get people into legal trouvle when people or certain houses are visible in the photo.

Clipping photos of cars and changing the background

remove background car pictures clipping service

Comparison: beforecar clipping before picture

We can easily get rid of an unsightly background with our photo clipping service. Our large team of up to 120 professional photo editors can clip more than 1000 product images per day. Save your product photos with a transparent background and use them in a multitude of ways.

Background with a company logo

A new way of presenting cars online is adding a background with your company logo. We clip the photos of the cars you want to sell and add exactly the kind of background you want to add, such as the logo of your car dealership for instance.

car clipping service logo

The price for clipped photos usually lies between 0.49 € and 0.99 € per image. Online used car marts with a traffic of up to 500 photos per day should consider PimpYou's 24h service. Clipped photos make your website look more professional and can make your design look even better, which in turn attracts more customers.

Advantages of clipped photos, a summary:

  1. Product photos without an unsightly background
  2. No legal trouble
  3. Adding the company logo to the product image
  4. Photos of cars look more professional, which attracts customers
  5. Differentiate oneself from the competition

PimpYou offers a quick quotation for the cost of clipping your photos as well as a free test of our services. To offer you the best service for your particular needs, we need to know how many images you need clipped, how often you want to use our service and what kinds of photos you will need us to edit.

You can request a noncommittal offer for your  clipping path car pictures here.

PimpYOU Selection Box

You took way too many holiday snaps and now you're having a hard time deciding which ones to keep?

Yeah, we know that feeling. Your vacation is over and now you have 1000 beautiful photos, but you just don't know which ones you should put in your photo album.

We select the best photos holidays pictures for you

PimpYOU Selection Box helps you solve this problem

PimpYou is working on our Selection Box service! A team of photographers looks through your photos to create a selection of the best pictures. The price depends on the total number of images.

PimpYOU Selection Box 10 > Price 2€
We select the best out of 10 photos

PimpYOU Selection Box 50 > Price 5€
We select the best out of 50 photos and create a small selection of the best photographs

PimpYOU Selection Box 100 > Price 10€
We select the best out of 100 photos and create a small selection of the best photographs

PimpYOU Selection Box 500 > Price 30€
We select the best out of 500 photos and create a small selection of the best photographs

PimpYOU Selection Box 1000 > Price 50€
We select the best out of 1000 photos and create a small selection of the best photographs

pimpyou selectionbox

We select the best photos from an aesthetic standpoint while keeping in mind the quality of the images. Send us your holiday photos via our PimpYOU Selection Box or per Wetransfer. On workdays it usually takes us between 24 and 48 hours to select the best photos.

Customers demand for photo clipping services is increasing

Clipping product photos - the first quarter of 2017

2017 has taken off with a head start! Our team has registered a steady growth of new customers, reaching an increase of 150 %! That's a lot more than we expected, but it also shows that our photo clipping service offers great quality for a reasonable price. Get your free trial clipping path right now. 

Clipped photos starting for a single-digit rate

Our prices depend on the number of photos you need us to clip, but if you are looking for a regular photo clipping service for a large amount of images (around 10,000 photos per month), we can clip your photos for under 10 cents apiece!

free test clipping

Our team of professional photo editors offer photo clipping services for product images

Because of the increase in customers, PimpYou has been able to expand our team of photo editors! We now work with 120 professional image editors and are even able to hire up to 150 photo editors if need be. That way, we can clip up to 1200 images in 24 h without a hitch!

Why are you so successful with your photo clipping service?

High quality of clipped images

Above all else we deliver great work. Our clipped photos are of a very high quality. We'll soon be publishing a comparison of the different levels of quality you can get when hiring image editors to clip your photos.

photo clipping service

Great customer relations management

Always being there for our customers is important to PimpYou. On workdays our team answers your queries within the hour; if problems or delays arise, we always give clear feedback.

photo clipping service

Quick quotations

We're flexible in our communication, so we can prepare a quation in record time. On workdays we'll send you your quote and a test of our skills within two hours!

Simple invoicing system

Every customer can create an account on We have an invoicing system that makes it easy for customers to check their quotes, invoices and payments and download them as PDFs. We also offer various payment methods for your convenience.

 Simple clipping service invoicing system

Want to try our photo clipping services? 

Contact us to get a quotation for the clipping of your photos! 

A step-by-step guide to taking your own product photos

We've been in the photography business since 2008, and by now we've edited countless product photos with our photo editing service. There is one problem though: a lot of the product photos are not photographed correctly. We've decided to create a step-by-step guide to taking your own product photos to help out online retailers who want to take product photos that look a lot more professional. 

product picture clipping with shadow

Choosing the right camera

Nowadays that's not such an important point anymore. Most smartphones take amazing pictures, and compact cameras can also be used for product pictures. If you do own a DSLR camera, you should consider using it to take your product photos though.

selfmade product pictures with a camera

Let's take a picture using auto mode

Yeah, no dice. The product is way too light, there are too many lights everywhere and the product casts a shadow.
You should not use flash for your product photos.

dont use auto mode and flashlight for productpictures

1st rule: No flash!

Let's try taking a photo without flash. That's better: the weird lighting is gone, but now the picture is blurry and the colours are off.

productpictures without flash are getting unsharp

2nd rule: Use natural lighting from one source

Alright, that's much better! We also got rid of the blurry effect by using a tripod. The manual exposure time was too long to take pictures by hand.

productpicture without flash and mixed light

3rd rule: Use a tripod or something similar

If you're using a tripod, use the timer. By pressing the release with your finger, the camera moves and the picture may become blurry.

4th rule: Choose the right distance

Set up your camera in the right distance and use the optical zoom instead of the digital zoom. Using the digital zoom reduces the quality of the image.

productpicture to dark

5th rule: Choose a neutral background

It's best to choose a light background without any texture. A simple sheet of paper can work miracles. You'll have to adjust the exposure though; overexpose by +1 or +2 to make sure that your picture does not get ruined by lighting that's too dark.

not the best light settings for productpictures

6th rule: Overexpose the camera by +1 or +2

Looking good! But the lighting could be even better. Use a light sheet of paper or a styrofoam board to direct light where it is needed.

7th rule: Use reflectors

Even better. This product photo almost looks professional. The last step is removing the background and you'll have a professional product photo in no time!

product photo without editing

8th rule: Image editing and post-production

There are a lot of ways to refine your product photos. The background can be removed in a way that still preserves the natural shadow; it's not always necessary to create a new shadow from scratch. Another possibilty is sharpening the image and adjusting contrast and luminosity.

perfect clipping photo with shadow service

With some DIY and a partner like PimpYou you can easily take your own professional product photos.



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