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Is e-commerce declining?

What's happening to e-commerce?

For a long while, online shops sprang up like mushrooms, but a study of the German Händlerbund found e-commerce to be stagnating.

ecommerce 2017 trends

It's only possible to grow e-commerce by being innovative

If you want to hike up your sales online, you need to be innovative. That means innovations in logistics as well as using e-commerce solutions that span all platforms. E-commerce will become more and more dynamic in the next few years: customers want to shop anytime and anywhere using their mobile devices. More than that, they want to be entertained while they're doing it. Purchasing products online has to become an experience with a maximum of service for the customer.

Online shops without photos?

Speaking about innovations, it's important to set a certain standard for online shops. Functionality and design should not be foreign concepts. You shouldn't try and sell products without product images online, and yet there are a lot of online shops who try to stand their ground without using product photos. Nowadays it's really simple to take product photos with your smartphone and give them a professional look using a photo clipping service.

clipping pictures service 2017

Product photos are clipped and out on a white or transparent background. It's less work and cheaper than traditional product photography, so online retailers can easily use such services to make their online shops more successful. Product photos are not the only way to help online shops become more visible; the design of the shop is important too, and it should be easy to navigate.

Changing the design does not equal innovation

To keep up with the newest trends in e-commerce and stay successful, it's important to be innovative and look to the future. Try to recognize emerging trends before they become reality! You and your muse are spending some time apart? You can buy tomorrow's ideas today - while the French aren't really known for being trendsetters on a global market, the French brand Soon Soon Soon is starting to look like a French Silicon Valley. PimpYou are not the only ones to have them look into their crystal ball to take a look at what the future might hold ... Creativity abound!

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