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Stolen photos, copyright and how to protect the rights to your photos for free

dont steal pictures

Being the creator of product photos and protecting yourself from stolen photos online

How can I protect myself from copyright infringement?

Sadly, it's not possible to protect yourself completely. Even watermarks can be removed easily by using photoshops, and heavily watermarked photos are not attractive and wouldn't be approved by Amazon or eBay. This is why many photographers use meta information on photos to add info about copyright to their images. This isn't secure either though, because the meta data can be deleted or rewritten. 

Find out if your ckopyright is being infringed upon

Most photographers and online merchants know what it's like to have their photos stolen. Diligent online merchants spend a lot of time and money on high quality product photos, only to later find that other online shops are using the same photos. That's not a trivial offence but a criminal act. Let's take a look at what copyright holders can do to find out if anyone is using their photos illegally without spending any additional money.

Google Images and finding photos

TinEye is a reverse image search engine that makes it possible to find images online. Google Images offers the service and allows you to search for your photos online. Images are analysed according to the object depicted and are then compared to the images indexed in Google. That even makes it possible to find images that use a different product detail or an edited version pf the photo.

create your own productpictures with pimpyou

You don't need to install a software. Just open up Google Images and search for your photo! Either tell Google to search for an indexed photo or drop your file onto the search screen. You'll have your results in no time! Results are displayed as thumbnails next to the website they're being used on.

productpictures for google

Good luck with your search!

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