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Clipping product photos of cars for online used car marts

Here are some important online used car marts:

AutoScout24 - clip product photos

Almost 1,700,000 cars are waiting to be sold on AutoScout24. Having your product images edited will definitely up your chances! Differentiate yourself from the competition and the mass of offers and you have a better chance of selling your cars. We recommend having your product photos clipped to add a neutral background to give the images a studio quality appearance. Many photos on online used car marts aren't taken in front of a neutral background. PimpYou can help you turn your pictures into so much more. -  professional photo editors edit your images

In Germany, the online car mart currently has more than 1,000,000 offers online. Once again, it's worth looking into employing professional photo editors to make the best of your product photos and present your cars in the best light. You can check your online car mart's website to see if they have some tips on how to take product photos. We offer a professional clipping service, including the addition of a new background and slight retouches. Message us if you need a lot of clipped photos every week - we can offer you a special price for great quantities!

Some examples for online used car marts in Germany:

  • ebayMotors

Most online car dealers and used car marts are looking for the same things in product photos. Check out this shortlist of the most important criteria for product photos of cars:

  1. Photograph the car when the sky is cloudy to avoid teflections
  2. Choose a background that's not too busy
  3. Park the car on a consistent surface (no road markings if possible)
  4. Try to avoid shadows
  5. Use PimpYou's photo clipping service

Pixelating licence tags starting at 0.29 € per photo

Many car dealers trying to sell cars online forget to pixelate the licence tags on the car. We offer this service in addition to our photo clipping service. Send us a message to ask us about our prices! 

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