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Clipping product photos for car dealer en masse

Clipping images of cars for car dealers and used car marts

PimpYou now offers an exlusive photo clipping service to car dealers, second hand car dealers and everyone selling on used car marts online!

Product photo - clipped with added logo

car picture clipping service

A lot of times people the pictures people use to sell their used cars don't look professional. Just take one look at used car marts online: while the car might look amazing, other cars, trees and houses are in the background. That looks pretty unprofessional, and it might even get people into legal trouvle when people or certain houses are visible in the photo.

Clipping photos of cars and changing the background

remove background car pictures clipping service

Comparison: beforecar clipping before picture

We can easily get rid of an unsightly background with our photo clipping service. Our large team of up to 120 professional photo editors can clip more than 1000 product images per day. Save your product photos with a transparent background and use them in a multitude of ways.

Background with a company logo

A new way of presenting cars online is adding a background with your company logo. We clip the photos of the cars you want to sell and add exactly the kind of background you want to add, such as the logo of your car dealership for instance.

car clipping service logo

The price for clipped photos usually lies between 0.49 € and 0.99 € per image. Online used car marts with a traffic of up to 500 photos per day should consider PimpYou's 24h service. Clipped photos make your website look more professional and can make your design look even better, which in turn attracts more customers.

Advantages of clipped photos, a summary:

  1. Product photos without an unsightly background
  2. No legal trouble
  3. Adding the company logo to the product image
  4. Photos of cars look more professional, which attracts customers
  5. Differentiate oneself from the competition

PimpYou offers a quick quotation for the cost of clipping your photos as well as a free test of our services. To offer you the best service for your particular needs, we need to know how many images you need clipped, how often you want to use our service and what kinds of photos you will need us to edit.

You can request a noncommittal offer for your  clipping path car pictures here.

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