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Beauty retouching is more than a simple retouch

Beauty retouching is used a lot in the field of advertising, fashion and glamour photography. In most cases, the face or the whole parts of the body are manipulated and retouched for a result that conforms to the current aesthetic criteria. Almost all portraits that are used in advertising are retouched and the ideal aesthetic therefore allows an increase in sales of a product.

Facial Beauty retouching

The imperfections of the skin are corrected, shadows are reduced, vains and moles are shrunk. Beauty retouching can equally consist of getting rid of wrinkles, brightening up of the face, smothing the texture of the skin as well as the correction ofunsightly proprtions.

Slim body thanks beauty retouching service

As with the face, beauty retouching allows the advantageous correction of body proportions. The parts of the body can be highlighted, love handles or being slightly overweight can be corrected in an effective way.

Do a beauty retouching of my photos.


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