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Clipping paths: an explanation

What’s a clipping path?

Before the internet came around, product images weren’t as ubiquitous as they are now; they called for specialised product photography in a studio that cost a lot of time and money. Digital photography and editing has changed the industry: the working process has been simplified and photo editing has become much more important. 

Clipping paths service

Thirty years ago about 20,000 images had to be prepared once a year for an annual catalogue, but in today’s age of e-commerce product feeds with the same amount of products are changed weekly. This fast pace has been made possible by digital processing.

Products are ideally presented in front of a neutral background, but for most online merchants it isn’t feasible to hire a professional photographer for all of their products.

Do-it-yourself is key

That’s why most online merchants decide to simply take their product pictures themselves. The photos are then clipped via digital processing.  Clipping paths are used to knock out the backgrounds of photos. They follow the edges of an object and remove the unwanted part of the picture so that the object can be transferred to a different background. For most online merchants cropping pictures this way is the best and easiest way to create appealing pictures of their products.

Clipping paths freshen up your product photos

We are without a doubt one of the cheapest suppliers of clipping path services.

Pimpyou offers three different categories of clipping path services. Simple outlines in high quantities can be clipped for as little as €0.35* per image. Prices for moderately complex outlines begin at €0,89* per image, and very complex outlines come in at about €1,49* per image.

Clipping paths complex service

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The price depends on the complexity and the quantity of the images. We can transfer the photos to a different background or simply leave it transparent, which makes it possible to add another background further down the line.

Original/Clipped image with a simple/moderately complex/very complex outline

Free trial

We know that you don’t want to buy a pig in a poke. Test our services for free – you’ll receive your edited picture as well as a noncommittal offer via e-mail. If you’d like to try our services for free, please send us:

  • One product picture in high resolution
  • A description of the product pictures that you need clipped
  • The quantity of product pictures that you need clipped (once/monthly/annually)

Test our clipping path services for free.

If you decide to use our services, you’ll upload your pictures on our server in Germany. If you have any questions concerning our services or our workflow, our customer service is at your disposal from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

What’s the use of clipping product pictures?

Clipping images service

E-commerce will keep growing exponentially in the future, and more and more customers will do their shopping online. Their requirements will grow as well, and online shops will need to face stronger competition by differentiating themselves. For owners of online shops it is not only necessary to consider offering a mobile version of their content to mobile users, but also to pay attention to the aesthetics of product presentation online. 70 percent of all online shops still have an enormous scope for development in this area.

Maximum results with minimum effort

Clipping product pictures is a great way to freshen them up without spending huge amounts of money. While the price does very much influence a customer’s decision to purchase, product pictures play a very important role, too. Clipped product pictures look professional and can improve sales

Our price depends on several important factors

Clipping paths knock out the background of photos, which allows to transfer the product onto a different background. The complexity of the outline influences the time and effort needed to draw a clean clipping path. When drawing clipping paths, there are three different levels of complexity:

  1. Clipping pictures with a simple outline and no intricacies (angular shapes)
  2. Clipping pictures with a moderately complex outline and some intricacies (angular and round shapes)
  3. Clipping pictures with a complex outline (hair, spokes, etc.)

Our price also depends on the quantity of the images. Clipping path services are usually cheapest if you need between 100 to 1000 pictures clipped.


*All prices are indicated in Euros and without taxes according to paragraph 293B of the CGI (Code général des impôts – tax act).


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